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Transfer Cars

STAR transfer cars - used to move kiln cars from one track to another - are rugged, reliable and simple. All STAR transfer cars are custom designed for specific applications and can be automatic, operator-controlled, or both. STAR builds transfer cars to handle kiln cars weighing up to 120 tons.

Transfer cars for heavy duty (brick plant and similar) applications are typically equipped with hydraulic push-pull transfer-mounted car movers, hydraulic v-locks, hydraulic winches, and electro- mechanical gearmotor/adjustable frequency propel drive.

Lighter duty transfer cars (for sanitary-ware and similar applications) are often equipped with electro-mechanical gearmotor chain-driven transfer- mounted car movers, electro-mechanical (linear actuator style) v-locks, and electro-mechanical gearmotor/adjustable frequency propel drive.

Typical STAR transfer car features can include:

  • STAR custom-built hydraulic power unit
  • PLC control
  • Operator interface terminal with diagnostics and alarms
  • Ergonomically designed on-board operator controls
  • Manual, full auto, and operator-initiated auto - modes of operation
  • On-board travel control system with “track teaching” capability
  • Festoon power feed system
  • Wireless Ethernet communications
  • Winch
  • Travel safety system