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Positioning Type Indexers

Automatic kiln car loading and unloading systems require precise, repeatable and automated positioning of kiln cars for the loading and unloading processes. STAR Positioning Type Indexers are designed to meet these requirements. They are equipped with a “capture dog” arrangement that enables the indexer dolly to positively engage a kiln car and precisely move it to the desired position. Systems that require high throughput can be equipped with two indexers in a side-by-side arrangement – so that when one indexer is moving a kiln car out of the loading or unloading position, the other indexer can be moving the next kiln car into position.

STAR Positioning Type Indexers are custom built for each application, but they are typically electromechanical chain-driven car movers equipped with linear actuator-powered “capture dogs.” Associated electrical controls include a programmable controller, operator interface terminal, and adjustable frequency drive(s).