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Kiln Pushers

STAR Engineering manufactures three basic types of hydraulic kiln pusher (kiln propeller) units – index push, schedule push, and combination index/schedule push. All systems are custom-built for each application. Schedule push systems come in two variations – single cylinder push and dual cylinder push. In dual cylinder push, the secondary cylinder waits in a “ready” position behind the primary. When the primary cylinder is near the end of its push stroke, the secondary cylinder assumes and maintains the push until the primary cylinder retracts and takes over again. The end result is a true continuous push.

A typical kiln pusher system is comprised of a hydraulic power unit, hydraulic cylinder with dolly and dolly track, a proximity switch tower (with integrated linear transducer), and an electrical control panel. The electrical controls are designed to provide precise control of the push rate, and are typically equipped with an operator interface terminal for monitoring system status and alarms, and for entering and monitoring various parameters.

STAR kiln pushers are in use in plants that produce brick, tile, pottery, sanitary ware, refractory block, high voltage insulators, automotive ceramics, ceramic filters, ceramic body armor, and other ceramic products.