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Cable & Chain Haulages

When long kiln car moves are required, STAR offers a variety of cable and chain haulage units to fit the task. These haulages can range in size from 3,000 to 12,000 pound drawbar pull capabilities.

Cable haulages can be designed for one-way or two-way pull. For one-way systems, a spring-operated cable slack take-up system is integrated into the idle (tail) box. For two-way systems, a bi-directional hydraulic cable slack system is incorporated into the drive box. All units are equipped with high quality gearmotors, heavy duty pillow block bearings and heat-treated traction sheaves for reliable operation and long service life.

STAR chain haulages are simple and reliable. Short stroke units can be designed such that the drive end, the idle end, and the dolly track are all integrated into one assembly. All STAR chain haulages are equipped with high quality gearmotors and heavy duty pillow block bearings. Sprockets and chains are conservatively sized to maximize reliability and ensure longevity.