Star Engineering

Combining Tradition, Experience, Innovation and Quality

About STAR Engineering

With over seven decades of successful operation, STAR Engineering Inc. continues to be a leading manufacturer of custom-built car moving equipment for the ceramic industry. In 2014, STAR earned the distinction of becoming an ISO 9001 certified company.

STAR Engineering combines the old with the new – “old fashioned” quality and expertise with new innovation and design technology. High quality and careful attention to detail have always been STAR trademarks. “We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers from project concept, through engineering, production, installation, commissioning, and support. We try to give our customers more than they expect.” – Christopher P. Mooney, President, STAR Engineering Inc.

STAR History

STAR Engineering Inc. is based in New Lexington, Ohio. At the foundation of STAR Engineering is the Mooney family, which has guided the company for three generations. STAR was founded in 1941 (on the site of the former STAR Manufacturing Company) by the late Thomas F. Mooney. His four sons - Fred, Dan, Bill, and Paul - all earned engineering degrees and returned to STAR – guiding and growing the company for over four decades. Tom Mooney (son of Dan Mooney) joined STAR in 1978 – beginning the third generation. John Mooney and Christopher Mooney (sons of Bill Mooney) were added to the fold in 1989 and 1990 respectively. Originally known as STAR Foundry & Machine Company Inc., the name was changed to STAR Engineering Inc. in 1972.

STAR has evolved significantly from its early days of building mine cars for the coal industry and producing manual car movers for the brick and tile industries during the 1940’s and 1950’s. STAR has continued to innovate as industry has transitioned into a high-tech world of highly-integrated automation systems.

One of STAR’s greatest strengths is its compact size. While STAR is large enough to tackle most any challenge, its small size allows it to be extremely responsive and flexible. Repeat customers and long-term relationships are the norm. The staff and management at STAR do their utmost to ensure that customers are pleased with the products and services that have been provided.